The “Always Snacking” Model: Delivering Fast-Moving Consumer Content at Scale

The “Always Snacking”Model: Delivering Fast-Moving Consumer Content at Scale
Paul Hayward, Chief Content Integration Officer, Sears Holdings

In today’s fragmented consumer landscape, media and content are moving faster than ever across a multitude of touchpoints. Brands can no longer afford to wait months for content to be produced, trafficked and put into market. The pressure is on to “do more with less” and to be in the game with speed and relevance, through content that engages consumers on a daily basis. Disrupting traditional operating models by embracing an agile approach to content creation and a data-driven “test and learn” strategy will ensure brands’ messages are seen by the right people, in the right channel, more efficiently. By condensing planning cycles, producing low cost/highly creative snackable content, and shifting channel dollars based on real-time intelligence, the “Always Snacking” model enables speed to market, increased engagement and cost-savings for all brands.

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